2019 IFMA Central PA Chapter Awards Ballots

IFMA Central Pennsylvania Chapter 2019 Annual Awards Categories and Nominees

Introducing the 2019 Nominees for the Chapter’s Annual Recognition Awards. The categories are: Advocate of the Year, Associate of the Year, Committee of the Year and Facility Manager of the Year. Those individuals who placed the nomination submitted the comments about each nominee.

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1st Award: The Associate Member of the Year Award (choose one)

This award is the highest form of Associate recognition given to the member who has contributed his or her time to the benefit of our chapter. This person is not only chosen for the time involved in volunteering for our chapter, but most importantly the integrity of their participation. This recipient is the definition of what an associate member should be to the rest of our chapter. The nominee must hold an Associate membership in good standing for at least this past year.

Senior Business Development Manager

Priscilla, Co Chair of Sustainablitity, sheppard Sustainable Septmeber to be one of the most popular programs the chapter offers. Attendence continues to grow for this highly informative event. In addition to her role in Susatainabiity, Priscilla makes herself available to help guide the chapter and answer questions related to past practices. She offered to become First Vice President for the 2019-20 year and president the year after. This will be Priscilla's second time leading the chapter. In a time when the chapter is having a difficult time getting members to set up - Priscilla is committing her time and talent to the chapter's success.

2nd Award: The Facility Manager of Year Award (choose one)

This award stands for everything that our organization was founded upon. This is the most prestigious award. This award goes to a facility manager who has continually exceeded the normal scope of his or her job responsibilities as a facility manager. This person continually redefines the parameters of his or her position. This person has had a substantial impact on the success of our organization simply by being apart of our membership. The recipient demonstrates innovation and creativity and the ability to plan for the future of their company. This person pushes the envelope of our definition of a facility manager. This person should be recognized by our membership to enhance his or her own professional standing and raise awareness of our organization. This nominee is chosen for the overall impact to their company and may not necessarily be within the last twelve months. The nominee must be a facility manager and a member in good standing for at least this past year.

Director of Maintenance
The Long Community at Highland - A Presbyterian Senior Living Community

Robert has been a member of IFMA CPA for 6 years and is currently serving as Treasurer for our chapter for the past 3 years. Some of Robert’s recent accomplishments are: Assisted with development of a 282-page emergency preparedness plan that includes a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, Hospital Incident Management System. Participated in table top and live exercise. This plan was implemented across 13 Senior Living Campus in Central PA during 2018. The plan had four main parts: 1. Emergency plan: Based on a risk assessment, develop an emergency plan using an all-hazards approach focusing on capacities and capabilities that are critical to preparedness for a full spectrum of emergencies or disasters specific to the location of a provider or supplier. 2. Policies and procedures: Develop and implement policies and procedures based on the plan and risk assessment. 3. Communication plan: Develop and maintain a communication plan that complies with both Federal and State law. Patient care must be well-coordinated within the facility, across health care providers, and with State and local public health departments and emergency systems. 4. Training and testing program: Develop and maintain training and testing programs, including initial and annual trainings, and conduct drills and exercises or participate in an actual incident that tests the plan. In response to comments, CMS made changes in several areas of the final rule, including removing the requirement for additional hours of generator testing, flexibility to choose the type of exercise a facility conducts for its second annual testing requirement, and allowing a separately certified facility within a healthcare system to take part in the system’s unified emergency preparedness program. In addition, Robert volunteered to participate on South Central PA Health Care Coalition Emergency Management Exercise Group. This group produced an emergency exercise to include all health care organizations throughout south/central PA, EMS, County EMA, and PEMA. Lastly, Robert was part of a 5 person team that traveled to Houston, TX to help rebuild a home damaged from Hurricane Harvey.

3rd Award: The Advocate of the Year Award (choose one)

This person is not only chosen for the time involved in volunteering for our chapter, but for bringing about positive change for the benefit of our chapter.  This person has had a substantial impact on the chapter, and has initiated or implemented ideas that contributed to the continued growth and overall professionalism of our chapter.  This nominee is chosen for the overall impact to our chapter, and may not necessarily be within the last twelve months.  The nominee must be a member in good standing for at least this past year.

Director of Facilities

Tom has served the chapter in many roles over the years. He has filled every executive committee. He holds the record for "Longest serving Treasurer". Tom is the chapter scribe assisting applicants in the quest for national awards hone their applications to truly represent their achievements- Randy Groff, Tom Koonz, Jack Christensen can attest to his special skills. Tom currently serves on the Scholarship and Awards committe. He composed the applicaiton which lead to three scholarship awards this year. When the chapter needs something done - Tom is the person to call. Tom chaired the golf committee and continues to assist in it's continued success. He is all in on the importance of IFMA Central PA Chapter and the FM profession. He supports his team in their membership and advancement. From Tom's team we have been graced with Joelene Fink,FMP, CFM, Past President and Diana Dumond, SFP,Programs Co Chair. I am hard pressed to find a person more dedicated to our success and the goals of IFMA than Tom.

4th Award: The Committee of the Year Award (choose one)


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