2018 IFMA CPA Awards Ballot

IFMA Central Pennsylvania Chapter 2018 Annual Awards Categories and Nominees

Introducing the 2018 Nominees for the Chapter’s Annual Recognition Awards. The categories are: Advocate of the Year, Associate of the Year, Committee of the Year and Facility Manager of the Year. Those individuals who placed the nomination submitted the comments about each nominee.

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1st Award: The Associate Member of the Year Award (choose one)

This award is the highest form of Associate recognition given to the member who has contributed his or her time to the benefit of our chapter. This person is not only chosen for the time involved in volunteering for our chapter, but most importantly the integrity of their participation. This recipient is the definition of what an associate member should be to the rest of our chapter. The nominee must hold an Associate membership in good standing for at least this past year.

Owner & President
Ralph E. Jones, Inc.

Hard work and dedication

As outgoing chair of the Program Committee, Beth has provided the Chapter with years of meaningful educational programs and excellent networking opportunities, all held at venues with their own appeal to Facility Managers. Her energy and enthusiasm will be difficult to replace with a whole committee and her years of service to the Chapter deserve recognition. Her involvement and effort on behalf of the Chapter set the standard for what the Associate of the Year award was intended to encourage.

Beth has once again taken care of a years worth of programs for our chapter. I believe it's the monthly programs that keep our members coming back. Her time given to this chapter over the last 7 years has made her an obvious choice for Associate Member of the year award.

Service Business Development Manager
McClure Company

Great work on the golf tournament

2nd Award: The Advocate of the Year Award (choose one)

This person is not only chosen for the time involved in volunteering for our chapter, but for bringing about positive change for the benefit of our chapter.  This person has had a substantial impact on the chapter, and has initiated or implemented ideas that contributed to the continued growth and overall professionalism of our chapter.  This nominee is chosen for the overall impact to our chapter, and may not necessarily be within the last twelve months.  The nominee must be a member in good standing for at least this past year.

Facility Engineer
BAE Systems

Julie not only is proactive within her own organzation but in all the committee activities is rasing awareness and the professionalism of IFMA over the past twenty plus years. She had continuted to chair and co chair the committee despite her company work requirements and family requirements and proactivly engages the committee members to participate and promote IFMA.

Account Manager
G.R. Sponaugle

Nancy is always ready to help the Chapter and is present as a greeter at many meetings to introduce new members to her many contacts within the Chapter, but I am primarily nominating her for her ongoing service to the Chapter in facilitating awards for international recognition of the Chapter by IFMA. Identifying prospective nominees, coaxing them to apply, helping them with the application process and martialing mentor support and editing help - all these tasks require time. The effort Nancy has been willing to make, so that others can be recognized, is the type of sacrifice deserving of recognition as the Advocate of the Year.

New Business Development
H.B. McClure Company

Shelly is one of the busiest people I know and yet she is always welcoming our new members and guests. Shelly has been promoting our chapter actively and has even started the new member breakfasts back up. I think Shelly exemplifies what an Advocate of the year award looks like.

Owner & President
Ralph E. Jones, Inc.

So many excellent programs over the years

3rd Award: The Facility Manager of the Year Award (choose one)

This award stands for everything that our organization was founded upon. This is the most prestigious award. This award goes to a facility manager who has continually exceeded the normal scope of his or her job responsibilities as a facility manager. This person continually redefines the parameters of his or her position. This person has had a substantial impact on the success of our organization simply by being apart of our membership. The recipient demonstrates innovation and creativity and the ability to plan for the future of their company. This person pushes the envelope of our definition of a facility manager. This person should be recognized by our membership to enhance his or her own professional standing and raise awareness of our organization. This nominee is chosen for the overall impact to their company and may not necessarily be within the last twelve months. The nominee must be a facility manager and a member in good standing for at least this past year.

Facility Manager
TE Connectivity

All the changes that have occured at TE Connectivity over the past twenty plus years, Michelle is an advocate for the profession consistently.

Director of Maintenance
The Long Community at Highland - A Presbyterian Senior Living Community

Dedicated to chapter and does tireless work as Treasurer

Regional Facilities Manager East
PA Turnpike Commission

George works above and beyond what is expected of him. He is actively involved with mentoring young professionals and is an asset to the Turnpike Commission.

Director of Facilities
Mennonite Home Communities

Great work on the Woodcrest Villa VIVA Centre

Director of Facilities

Tom is the Director of Facilities at PHEAA, a Commonwealth Agency headquartered in Harrisburg.  He came to the Agency in 2006 and, since that time, his organization has contributed nearly $3M in cost savings, and instituted changes in Agency strategy that have resulted in $2.1M in new revenue.   Energy consumption at the Headquarters facility has been reduced by 34% during his tenure, as part of an ongoing program of building modernization and optimization.  Tom has made his presence felt in Real Estate, proposing a sale-lease back exit strategy for the Agency's Data Center;  in Safety, constructing an enclosure for a six-story pedestrian bridge that effectively eliminated a substantial amount of employee hazards; in Finance, by a creating a ten year capital forecast to apprise management of major facility-related expenses; in Energy Management, by creating a cumulative sum regression analysis of energy expenses to factor in climate and bill durations;  in Incident Response, by becoming the Agency's first Incident Commander and developing the Critical Incident Management Plan for the Agency; and in Space Management, by redeveloping Agency property to greatly enhance efficiency and flexibility of existing and new assets.   Critical to all this success has been the development of a phenomenal staff, all of whom came to Facilities from varying backgrounds.  Tom credits his involvement with IFMA over the years (he has held every office in the Chapter at some point) with helping him establish a network of technical experts to assist in solving the many challenges the modern FM faces.  To that end, he has encouraged his staff to become IFMA members and participate actively in the Chapter.  Diana DuMond, PHEAA's Office Services Manager, was the first SFP in the Chapter, recently completed a term as Chapter Secretary and has been active on the Program Committee.   Jolene Fink, PHEAA's Project and Space Management Manager, is the current Chapter President.   Because of his impact on the Agency and his efforts to develop his people in facility management, I nominate Tom Hewitt for Facility Manager of the Year.


4th Award: The Committee of the Year Award (choose one)


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