• Chapter Mission

    The Central Pa Chapter of IFMA will provide quality-learning experiences, excellent networking opportunities, and serve our membership to enhance their personal and professional development.

  • Chapter Vision

    As an International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Chapter, we are focused on being a premier, professional organization in the Facility Management community.

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Committee


Keep our membership informed on relevant legislative issues impacting their professional responsibilities.  Take positions on important legislative issues relating to the profession of facility management and advocate on behalf of our chapter, both and the local and Federal level.


  • Communicate relevant legislative issues to our membership via website, newsletter, social networking and regular committee meetings.
  • Conduct an annual “Day on the Hill” in Harrisburg to advocate for important IFMA-related issues
  • Conduct sessions to educate both membership and key stakeholders of the importance of our position
  • Schedule and conduct meetings with key legislators
  • Hold a cocktail reception to wrap up the day 
  • Participate in IFMA’s annual Advocacy Day event in Washington DC and help establish relationships with local DC legislators.
  • Meet regularly to discuss legislative issues, pass position statements and when necessary, conduct letter writing campaigns to advocate for our stated position.

Community Outreach Committee

IFMA is a "service" organization, providing educational and networking opportunities to their members. Our employers, businesses and communities represent our area of service opportunity and we want to give back to those communities through providing pro-bono facility management services to non-profit organizations who are in need or space planning, maintenance, administrative, furniture and real estate services.

Each of us has something valuable to give, sometimes just our time and talent. If you want to participate in meeting the needs of our community service organizations or know of a need for a non-profit organization, please contact Jim Gerlach, CFM at jimandmary@comcast.net.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee encourages CFM certification, provides guidelines on the certification progress, develops classes in preparation of the CFM exam, and celebrates members who obtain CFM status.  If you would like to assist on the Credentials Committee please email Amber Gratkowski, agratkow@paturnpike.com for more information.

Membership Committee

The primary responsibility of the Membership Committee is membership growth and retention. This committee instructs and supports prospective members in the process of becoming a member, orients new members, and welcomes new and renewing members to the chapter. For more information or to join the membership committee please email Shelly Matter, smatter@hbmcclure.com for more information.

Professional Development/Program Committee

The Professional Development/Program Committee is committed to providing the highest quality programs for the members of Central PA Chapter of IFMA and their invited guests. Our programs are hosted in various locations throughout the central PA area on the third Wednesday of each month. The chapter provides lunch along with opportunity to network with facilities professionals in addition to presenting FM related topics lead by guest speakers and/or building tours. As a benefit to those who attend the Chapter meetings, certain programs may be eligible for CEU credits and CFM maintenance points subject to approval from IFMA Headquarters.

The committee welcomes ideas and suggestions for program topics and locations to host these events. If you would like to assist on the Programs Committee please email Lauren Leipziger, lleipzig@paturnpike.com for more information. We also welcome feedback on any program.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee is responsible for keeping the Chapter's website current as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, writing and publishing the e-newsletter and advertising for various events. We can always use help. If you're interested in participating, please contact Kristen Trusky at ktrusky@aafintl.com. Thanks!

Partnership Committee

The partner program is under this committee's responsibility. This program keeps track off all of the generous donations given to the chapter that aid us in providing the programs and educational events. The partners are officially recognized at the Chapter's Annual meeting in June. This committee meets "virtually" once a month on the first Friday of every month.  If you're interested in participating, please contact Chris Coller at chris.coller@getcleanteam.com

Strategic Planning Committee

The committee is comprised of the chapter officers, committee chairmen, and one member at-large. The concepts of developing the strategic plan include the vision statement, goals and objectives, the present situation, the most recent plan and progress, and the future issues that the chapter faces. Assumptions are made and effective strategies are developed, accordingly. IFMA Headquarters approves the strategic plan, prior to being release for the membership.

The revision to the plan occurs every two years, and updates are done quarterly to determine our progress. One meeting is held to bring focus to our plan, and then the effective strategies are qualified using electronic worksheets created by the chairman. The chairman then further develops the plan as the effective strategies unfold. 

The plan is then finalized and includes the vision and mission statements, goals, initiatives, and action steps are assigned. Quarterly updates occur and are presented at the board meetings.

This process has developed over the past ten years and the effectiveness of it is seen in our chapter growth, membership involvement, and education opportunities. 

Sustainability Committee

This committee is responsible for planning the Sustainability September program. They also advocate on behalf of the Chapter for companies and individuals to incorporate sustainable practices into their work.

Scholarship and Awards Committee

The Scholarship and Awards Committee is responsible for overseeing the process of awarding scholarships to current college students. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for college-level scholarships, policies, procedures, and other concerns related to student scholarship matters. 

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The Central PA Chapter of IFMA's mission is to provide value to its membership.